Hot air balloon ride flight Germany Munich Bavaria alps Salzburg at the lake Chiemsee and the foothills of the Alps. Take off with Chiemseeballooning in the endless Bavarian airspace. Majestically rise the Alps and you will get a phenomenal view. A balloon ride with Chiemseeballooning is an unforgettable experience (gift) which will enrich your live for a long time. We advise you personally and professionally. We are available all year round and take care of your needs.

Booking & Contact

Wolfgang Schnaiter (pilot) Phone: +49 8051 7144 Mobil: +49 177 4838670 Email:

Balloon flight ride Germany Bavaria Alps

General Information

  • Total time 4-5 hours
  • Balloon ride flying time in the air 60-90 minutes
  • Meeting point either at sunrise or 3,5 hours before sunset (belongs to the weather conditions). Parking miniature golf, Rottauerstr. 5, 83233 Bernau
  • Free Parking
  • Briefing of passengers
  • Balloon baptism with a round of champagne and certificate
  • Insurance
  • Free transport


  • Sturdy shoes (hiking boots)
  • Hiking clothes (preferably cotton)
  • Drinks in plastic bottles (no glass)
  • Jacket (for coating)
  • Sunglasses

Book Vouchers for your balloon ride

  • In the online shop
  • By phone: +49 8051 7144, Mobile: +49 177 4838670
  • By email:

Make an appointment

  • By phone: +49 8051 7144, Mobile: +49 177 4838670
  • By email:

Weather briefing

  • One day before the balloon ride 12-15pm by phone
  • Passengers with long journey three days before the balloon ride
  • More information about the flight
  • No windchill (No gust of wind in the basket)
  • Temperature in the air, depending on the weather or season up to 10°C colder or warmer
  • No turbulence (ride with the wind)
  • Direction and distance depending on wind and weather conditions

Physical requirements

  • Normal condition and fitness
  • Cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, joint ill, recently operated and pregnant women, please consult your physician first.
  • Minimum size 1.30 m

Balloon ride Germany

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